Sunday, April 4, 2010

masturbation in public

roper etiquette for masturbating in public is not quite what you’d think. Half of doing it is being so very jumpy and paranoid that you aren’t going to get caught because you’re stopping every time someone comes within 10 paces, and the other half comes from being charismatic in the event you are caught.

The trick to not getting caught is to try standing someplace out of sight, or at least where half of you is hidden. Once you have this it’s only a matter of how long it takes you personally to finish. A good point to bring up is what you’ll actually be doing with… your finished product, but to each his own. The three options are: tissue, letting it go wherever, and eating it. Again, do whatever you feel you should, personal preference taking priority here.

As for the charisma, there are a few ways you can chalk it up. You can lie about whatever you’re doing; you can be honest and go for shock factor. It’s actually a matter of how well you reacted to being found out. If you’re caught with your dick in your hand it’s over man. If, however, you’re merely caught with a flushed face and heavy breaths claim some sort of illness. Either way, getting away as quickly as possible is the best idea from this point.

All in all, masturbation in public is a terrible idea. I’m honestly saying you shouldn’t do it. In fact, if the urge strikes you so badly, the only place proper for such an act is the bathroom, stall preferred. Its one thing to have sex in public, where it’s frowned upon but not creepy, but masturbation in public is just downright nasty. Keep things clean, bro.

Though, the idea of impromptu masturbation can make for some amusing situations for everyone but you. Imagine walking in on your college professor with his dick in his hand and a cucumber up his ass. Hilarity ensues. I think this article is a winner. It has directions for prison worthy offences and it doesn’t afraid of anything. I think I should rant and rant and rant until I hit 400 words, or until I decide to rewrite it. I sure hope I don’t have to rewrite this, that wouldn’t be very fun. Tea is pretty delicious. I’m so ballin’.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


It's no secret that most men masturbate as soon as they are able to. It provides a release of physical, emotional, and sexual tension. While there are methods of masturbating that can increase the size of the penis, there are some things to keep in mind so that you don't masturbate your way to a smaller penis.

Scarring: Many men, especially when their hormones are running rampant, tend to masturbate excessively. This can cause blistering and tearing of the skin of the penis producing a scab. This inevitably leads to scarring of the penis and will restrict its length and girth upon erection. It will also last a lifetime, so be cautious when over-masturbating. It will also desensitize your penis to sexual stimulation.

Gripping Tissue Damage: Most men tend to use a hardened grip when masturbating and this can cause not only damage to the skin of the penis, but also to its internal cellular structure through this intense gripping. This can lead to irreparable tissue damage and decrease penile sensitivity.

The key is to take a day or two off between masturbatory sessions. The hand is not as soft as the vagina, so too much masturbation will desensitize your penis and can lead to shrinkage if you over-do it. If you lay off between sessions, it will give your penis a much better chance to heal. Don't over do it.

Using dry hands to masturbate is definitely a mistake. The increased friction of dry skin on dry skin is also damaging and certainly can result in penis desensitization. The key is to use a good lubricant - water-based and not alcohol-based. Don't used perfumed lotions or anything with ingredients you can't even pronounce due to their chemical nature. Whatever sort of lubricant you use will be directly absorbed into the penis. So make sure you get a lubricant that is somewhat organic or natural in its formulation. Only a lunatic would want to directly absorb some bizarre chemicals into his penis.

Wearing a condom can also help decrease tissue damage during masturbation. A condom acts as a second skin and will take up a lot of the wear and tear of masturbating without making the penis go through it. As always, never re-use a condom. Dispose of them as soon as you are finished.

The best way to masturbate is slowly. Try to focus your mind more on your fantasy-erotic simulation and let your mind take over as the best way to achieve orgasm. Never masturbate too hard or with too much intensity, as it could damage your penis.

Some men find that they can squeeze the penis as a way of masturbation. This would result in less frictional damage to the penis and also helps replicate the compression of the vaginal cavity.

There are real methods of enlarging your penis that are finally available to all men who are interested in learning. Read IRON MAN PENIS - THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM if you want to learn the secrets of tried-and-true penis enlargement.


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